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Automated Scheduling

Set overall priorities, assign capable resources, estimate durations, and then let LIMSey automatically select and notify assigned resources. As priorities or resource availability changes LIMSey will recheck availability and select alternative resources if any are available sooner.

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A better way to schedule resources

Always select the soonest available people and soonest available equipment, automatically.

Efficient resource managment

No longer will equipment or people sit idle when there are relevant tasks waiting to start. LIMSey will automatically insert tasks into available time slots to fill the schedules of resources.

No need to know specific resource ahead of time

If multiple people or equipment can perform a task, select them all, then LIMSey can automatically assign the soonest available to actually perform the task.

Anchor tasks by milestone dates

When a job has many tasks, there is often a few tasks which have to start or finish by a certain date. Anchor those specific tasks with milestone dates and the other tasks will automatically calculate the needed start/end dates (based on priority and resource availabilty) to meet the milestone requirements.

Automatic estimated completion dates

Spend less time answering status questions since LIMSey provides automatically updating estimated completion dates for each task within a job and each job as a whole.

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