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Calibration Management

Track and manage calibrations for your equipment and link them to specific jobs and tests for traceability.

Calibration management screenshot

Simple, effective, and more automated calibration management

See upcoming and expired calibrations in one list and quickly act on them by recording a new calibration or marking it as sent for calibration.

Don't lose track of calibration traceability

When equipment fails calibration LIMSey's calibration management tools help track down associated records.

Link calibrations to jobs

Quickly see a list of any jobs associated with a particular calibration for a specific piece of equipment.

Link calibrations to tests

Job associations not granular enough? No problem. LIMSey also allows calibrations for equipment to be linked to specific tasks within the job for more detailed traceability.

Add multiple calibrations for long running tests

For long running tests, the same equipment may be used across calibration periods. LIMSey allows each of these different calibrations to be linked to jobs and tests.

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