Create and customize your own test reports. COAs. travelers. barcode reports.

Use Microsoft Word to create and modify templates for creating reports. Add your own logo, accreditations, boiler plate text, and then use report variables to have LIMSey automatically and dynamically populate data into your report when you generate it.

Create Your Own Templates

Customize reports using familiar tools

Use Microsoft Word to create and modify your own report templates to match the needs of your organization. We provide documentation to help you, or we can walk through creating them together. Already have a report format you like, send it to use and we can create the template for you.

Configurable Generated Reports

Miscrosft Word ouput maintains flexibility

Generated reports are Microsoft Word documents populated with the data you specified from LIMSey. This makes it easy to make small changes or add additional information without having to create separate templates.

Upload Your Own Reports

Save other reports as needed

Still have a legacy reporting system that want to maintain? Receive reports from outside labs you need to reference? No problem! Upload any other reports or attachments into LIMSey for safe storage and easy access.

Still have questions?

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