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Corrective Actions

When issues arise in the lab or with testing, document the problem, impact, containment measures, root cause, corrective actions, and review the effectiveness of those corrective actions at eliminating the root cause.

Corrective actions screenshot

Issues happen, but they should only happen once

Document and correct isues within the lab using a formal process to prevent them from occuring again.

A step by step plan for correcting issues and satisfying auditors

Simply work your way down the process to fully document and address issues effectively and with traceability.

Link directly to problem areas

Using LIMSey's built-in WYSIWYG editor, you can link directly to the specific job, test, equipment, or sample related to the corrective action.

Create approvals

Wait for approvals from appropriate leadership before proceeding to the next corrective action step.

Create tasks

Create tasks within the corrective action steps that require them to provide accountability that the corrective action is effective.

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