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Custom Reporting

Create templates in Microsoft Word and LIMSey can automatically fill them out with test results, equipment information, approvals, photos, and more.

Example test report

Reduce time spent making reports

Enter the data once in LIMSey and quickly have reports filled out for you and eliminate the need for filling out the same data multiple times.

Create reports using familiar tools

No need to learn custom reporting software that requires additional training.

Report templates are made in Microsoft Word

LIMSey provides default report templates but you can also make your own within Microsoft Word, or just edit the default reports.

Report output is Microsoft Word

Once reports are created, they're still in Word format so they're easily editable for any final changes. Once complete, you can upload a final PDF version that can't be edited.

Support for reports is included

Need help making reports? No problem, we can duplicate your existing reports for you or create new ones from scratch based on your requirements.

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