The best way to manage your process. jobs. samples. testing.

Instead of having an access database, spreadsheets, and word documents all over the place -- LIMSey brings everything your lab is working on to one place. Organized, centralized, and clear so everyone knows the latest testing statuses and everyone knows what still needs to be done.

Quickly Find What You Need

It's like having Google, but for your lab.

Find jobs based on any parameter such as status, test name, sample information, and much more. You can add multiple search terms to filter results down even further, so you'll never have to retest just because you couldn't find test results.



Easily Schedule Equipment

With automatic estimated completion dates.

Drag and drop job reservations to schedule your work load. Re-arrange the schedule to adjust when priorities change, and the estimated completion dates will update automatically.

Always Know Testing Status

Color-coded test sequence

The test sequence for each job features color-coding to help you quickly identify which tests have passed, failed, still need to be completed, and more.


See The Big Picture

Keep track of what matters to you.

A customizable dashboard enables you to track jobs, equipment, discussions, and statuses that are important to you. With it, you can quickly understand and respond to the latest updates in your lab.

Identify Samples Your Way

Define your own traits to label samples.

Create and modify traits on a per job basis to identify and label your samples. When there's more information to identify samples, add more traits to keep track of it all. Of course, traits are also searchable, so you can search for a sample's job by searching for sample traits.


Are you ready for an organized lab?

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