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Job Tracking

While LIMSey currently does include job tracking, there are significant updates coming that will take it to the next level. Group jobs by different stages in the process, set priorities with drag and drop, automate estimated completion dates, and quickly view all current tasks and responsibilites.

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Fewer phone calls about statuses and priorities

LIMSey's job list is the centralized authority that communicates the latest priorities and statuses to your organization and your customers.

Everything at a glance

LIMSey's job screen is perfect for understanding the status of your lab and all its tesing in one place.

All "In Work" jobs

See all "in process" work along with customer info, who's responsible, current task statuses, and automated estimated completion dates... all from one screen.


The jobs list is in order of priority but jobs can be re-ordered when priorities change (with the proper permissions, of course). Once re-ordered, anyone with tasks in the re-rordered jobs will automatically have their tasks re-ordered by the new priority.

Delays and issues

Quickly see any notes about delays or issues on any tasks and who's responsible for them.

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