Receive automatic updates via email, SMS, or within LIMSey itself about changes to job statuses, expiring calibrations, upcoming equipment maintence, failing test results, and more.

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Stay in the loop more easily

Automated notifications come to you as the events happen so you'll no longer need to manually check or ask colleagues.

Customize your notifications

Certain events have more priority than others. Choose to be notified real-time for some and once daily for everything else.

Instant email or daily summary email

For email notifications, choose to be notified as the event happens or just once daily with a list of all the events.

Text messages

Text message notifications include the pertinent details of the event so you don't need to log in for more information.


Sometimes you only need to know once you're logged in. In-application notifications list all the events in one place with links to the specific records. You can also snooze them to come back as a reminder later.

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