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Technician Work List

Everyone in your team knows exactly what's assigned to them, the priority, what equipment they're supposed to use, and when everything is expected to start and finish. All from one screen.

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Eliminate phone calls and emails about the latest priorities

Tasks are automatically listed by priority, and when the priorities change, everyone's list will automatically reflect the latest changes.

All of your tasks, at a glance

Each person on your team can quickly see what they're working on and what they're scheduled to work on in the future.

From jobs, equipment, documentation, and more

In addition to job or test related tasks, see tasks related to equipment maintenance, equipment calibrations, documentation review, corrective actions, and other features.

Review upcoming assignments

Prevent errors and delays in testing by reviewing assignments before they're due to start.

Invidualized for each person

Each person's Work List is customized to show the tasks assigned to them based on their availability.

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