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Training Records

Create, assign, and track user trainings on documents, procedures, and policies for new employee onboarding, audits, and regulatory support.

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Clear training traceability for test procedures

Quickly ensure that technicians have the required training records before assigning them to perform testing.

Flexible trainings for different role types

LIMSey enables you to customize different groups of people with different levels of training based on their role.

In depth training for lead technicians

Lead technicians not only need to be competent with performing tests, they may also need training records to prove they are competent at training others to perform those tests.

New document revisions

When a test procedure or other document has been updated, a training can be created that provides proof that everyone has read and understands the changes.

New employee onboarding

Easily assign new employees the default list of documents and procedures needed to get them familiar with the lab's common processes.

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