Take Control of Your Lab With Our Advanced LIMS System

Standardize your process, balance resources, reduce errors, track metrics, and get more testing done.

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Built to help requesters, technicians, and managers

Lab management software designed for engineering, mechanical, manufacturing, and other physical product testing labs. Help requesters submit testing to the lab, schedule and organize testing for technicians, provide ongoing metrics to managers - and much more.

Reduce Errors

Standardize your workflow

Create a consistent process to make requesting work from the lab easier, understand the work received faster, and with fewer errors.

Balance Resources

Visualize your schedule

Allocate work across technicians and equipment to provide a visual for understanding and communicating work assignments and availability.

Monitor Metrics

Identify bottlenecks

Access metrics to justify new equipment, additional personnel, compare performance, increase testing throughput, decrease lead times, and discover other opportunities to improve lab efficiency.

Additional Features

All the tools needed to manage your lab from one place


Receive automated email, SMS, or in-application notifications for events like job status changes, failing results, expiring calibrations, and more.


Create job and task template to reduce errors and standardize how work is requested from the lab.

Custom Reporting

Generate Microsoft Word reports that are automatically filled out with testing data, images, and other information from your testing.

Corrective Actions

Document issues that arise in the lab, impact, contain measures, root cause, and corrective effectiveness.

Document Management

Store and link to test procedures, policy documents, industry standards, and log their periodic review.

Calibration Management

Record in-house or outsources equipment calibrations, create reminders, and maintain traceability to specific tests.


What customers are saying

“LIMSey has been a great addition to our lab. Prior to implementation, we were using MS Excel to manage our lab testing. It allows us to have all of our lab documents in one location. It is easily accessible to upper management and gives them a clearer picture of where we are in the project timeline.”
Tina S.
Lab Supervisor
“Very, very happy with my overall experience. I spent months evaluating the most popular LIMS software (8 in total) on the market and found LIMSey to be the best software for our business. It took no special training to understand, is very easily accessible, requires no maintenance on my part since it's web-hosted, and is very easily scale-able when we add new employees and tests.”
Andrew F.
Laboratory Manager
“The software is user friendly and we were able to train and get started very quickly. The customer support has been tremendous. We have been using LIMSey for a few years now and they are a great company. They have shown a great interest in getting their software to a place that works for their customers.”
Alana H.
Quality Control Supervisor
"Before LIMSey, all of the lab testing was in a 'black hole' so to speak. The request would go to the lab and then no updates or data would be given until the report was written. LIMSey has offered an easy solution to tracking progress of lab requests as well as managing realistic expectations of when testing will be completed. This software has been a great addition to our lab!"
Lisa C.
Lab Service Manager
"Support team is amazing, so easy to work with! The team worked tirelessly to be able to accommodate some of our specific needs. Due to support team, we have greatly improved our reporting time!"
Felix S.
Lab Engineer
“It was easily implemented and is easy to use. It is an indispensable tool to help our lab maintain ISO compliance. All your documents are in one location; test results, equipment maintenance and calibration records, corrective and preventive actions, and anything else you need for your auditors. It can be customized to your needs.”
Mark K.
Lab Director
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing structure is a recurring annual or monthly subscription based on the maximum number of daily users you anticipate will be using the system.

Our system is entirely web-based and we do not currently offer the option for on-premise installation.

Our system is designed for engineering, mechanical, manufacturing, and other physical product testing laboratories.  We are not well-suited for pharmaceutical testing or testing for doctor’s offices.

We currently integrate with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Bi, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Our servers run on Amazon AWS data centers which are accredited under: ISO 27001, SOC 1, and SOC 2/SSAW 16/ISAE 3402 (previously SAS 70 Type II), PCI Level 1, FISMA Moderate, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

All requests through LIMSey are checked for proper authentication and authorization using well-tested and open-source  tools.

All changes to records within LIMSey are tracked. Every change is time stamped with the user, along with which record was changed and what it was changed from and to. Records are never deleted.

Any changes made to the database are continuously and automatically backed up over the last 4 days, and full database backups are automatically run a minimum of once per day.

Training, email, and phone support are included.

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