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    built for mechanical
    and product labs

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Workflow Tracking

Always know where a job is, which samples have been tested, test statuses, what was equipment was used, and where the final reports are.

Sample Management

Find samples and their jobs with limited information. Need a status but don't know the job number? No problem, search by customizable traits like Lot Number, Part Number, Serial Number, or any other custom fields you create.

Equipment Scheduling

Understand your equipment's current backlog, the priority of testing, estimated completion dates, and when the equipment is going to be available again. Rearrange priorities with a simple drag and drop and watch the estimated completion dates update automatically.


Track calibrations for equipment and which jobs those calibrations apply to. If equipment fails its next calibration, easily find all the jobs and even specific tests that were potentially affected.


Job reports can be generated and populated with a single click. We'll create 100% custom report templates for you, or we can duplicate reports that you and your customers are already using and happy with.

Change Control and Tracking

Create custom roles and define exactly what users are allowed to do. When any changes are made, every change is logged and time-stamped with the user's name and the details of the change.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might think the answer should be "everything", but that's not realistic. There is no perfect software or other single solution that will address all of the laboratory's needs, so LIMSey is focused on helping with the lab's primary tasks like tracking workflow, sample management, and reporting. Most other functions within LIMSey are designed to support these primary tasks. While we are continuously adding new capabilities, LIMSey is not intended to be an all-ecompassing solution that handles every aspect of laboratory functions. We believe laboratories are best served by a few specialized tools that address specific needs very well, rather than a single all-in-one tool that addresses broader needs, but none particularly well.

Not at this time. Keeping LIMSey web-based enables us to continuously release updates, address customer issues, and provide daily backups without needing to burden IT departments. It also allows for much quicker implementations and easier off-site access for our customers.

We have experimented with such connections in the past but they are fragile and can require a custom setup for each piece of equipment. Instead, we've opted for simple and repeatable CSV importing. Nearly all equipment will export data into a CSV format and this type of format can be imported into into LIMSey to populate result data.

Pricing is a monthly or annual subscription based on the volume of work through the lab (number of jobs per month). Each subscription comes with unlimited users.

LIMSey is a great fit for mechanical, materials, and product testing labs. Generally, most any labs that test physcial parts and do not commonly have extremely high sample volumes per job (over 1000) can work well with LIMSey.

LIMSey is not a great fit for pharmaceutical, clinical, or labs with extremely high sample volumes per job (over 1000).

Upgrade from Spreadsheets

The flexibility of spreadsheets, without the chaos

Spreadsheets are great. They're flexible, they're easy to use, and every computer comes with them. It's no surprise to us that most of our customers are coming to us after using spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can be a great first step for running laboratories. In fact, we have years of experience running labs with spreadsheets ourselves. Eventually though, as labs grow in volume and personnel, they can begin to outgrow their spreadsheets. Their flexibility becomes a problem because it's difficult to maintain standard work or testing. There's also issues with conflicting versions of spreadsheets because there are copies spread out over multiple computers. Searching hisorical records can also become a time-consuming task. We understand these issues but also the benefits that spreadsheets can provide, so LIMSey has been designed to harness the good from spreadsheets while also adding the organization where spreadsheets tend to fall short.


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