Lab management for engineering labs

LIMS software for engineering and mechanical test labs designed to help requesters submit testing to the lab, schedule and organize testing for technicians, provide metrics to managers, and much more.

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Everything you need to manage your lab

Reduce errors

Standardize your workflow

Create a consisent process to make requesting work from the lab easier, understanding the work received faster, and with fewer errors.

Improve consistency.
Create your own forms to standardize how work is requested from the lab.
Save time.
Use previously defined tests or jobs as templates for creating ones quickly.
Get organized.
Jobs are automatically grouped by status so you can make sure they're moving through the process.
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Balance resources

Visualize your schedule

Allocate work across technicians and equipment to provide a visual for understanding and communicating assignments and availability.

Reduce idle time.
Fill open spaces in a resource's calendars to get the most out of your equipment and your technicians.
Improve ECD estimates.
See the big picture from one screen to better anticipate issues or delays and provide more accurate estimated completion dates.
Avoid overbooking.
Prevent forgotten projects from creating an unbalanced workload for technicians or double scheduling equipment.
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Monitor metrics

Identify bottlenecks

Access metrics to justify new equipment, additional personnel, and other opportunities for improvement.

Compare performance.
Review and compare metrics of different technicians, lab locations, requesters, departments, and more.
Increase testing throughput.
Allocate testing to demonstrably high performance resources to improve efficiency and complete more testing.
Decrease lead times.
Identify and improve where time is being wasted in the testing process.
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Real-time notifications

Stay informed

Receive in-app, email, or SMS notifications for status changes, messages, sample failures, document reviews, and more.

Reduce response times.
Respond more quickly to status changes, sample failures, and testing comments.
Awareness off-site.
Know what's happening in the lab while traveling or away from the office.
Reduce distractions.
Individualized notification settings reduce status calls and interruptions to the lab.
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Additional Features

Everything you need to manage your lab

LIMSey's tools help provide clarity and enables labs to get more testing done.


Receive automated email, SMS, or in-application notifications for events like jobs changing status, results failing, calibrations expiring, and more.

Job Tracking

See all jobs in order of their priority alongside their current tasks, the person responsible, any issues, and the ECD.


Assign work to equipment and technicians to visualize priorities, ECD, and availability.


Create job and task templates to reduce errors and standardize how work is requested from the lab.

Permissions Management

Control what users are allowed view or edit by creating customized roles.

Single Sign On

Satisfy IT requirements by controlling user access via your company's single sign on provider.

Equipment Management

Track equipment statuses and create recurring or one-off maintenance reminders to help increase equipment uptime.

Calibration Management

Record in-house or outsourced equipment calibrations, create reminders, and maintain traceability to specific tests.

Document Management

Store and link to test procedures, policy documents, industry standards, and log their periodic review.

Custom Reporting

Generate Microsoft Word reports that are automatically filled out with testing data, images, and other text.

Management Dashboards

Connect directly to your data and use Microsoft Power Bi to create custom dashboards for metrics, statuses, etc.

Corrective Actions

Document issues that arise in the lab, impact, containment measures, root cause, and corrective action effectiveness.


We've worked with many amazing people

LIMSey has been a great addition to our lab. Prior to implementation, we were using MS Excel to manage our lab testing. It allows us to have all of our lab documents in one location. It is easily accessible to upper management and gives them a clearer picture of where we are in the project timeline.

Tina S.
Lab Supervisor

"Before LIMSey, all of the lab testing was in a 'black hole' so to speak. The request would go to the lab and then no updates or data would be given until the report was written. LIMSey has offered an easy solution to tracking progress of lab requests as well as managing realistic expectations of when testing will be completed. The schedule/reservations portion brings value in knowing how far our some of our equipment is booked. It also allows us to move and re-prioritize testing if needed. This software has been a great addition to our lab!"

Lisa C.
Technical Lab Service Manager

“When I found LIMSey I had been searching for years for an off-the-shelf LIMS system that was modular enough for physical testing laboratories to use, and didn't require significant customization or a massive initial capital investment. LIMSey provides just the right amount of structure to allow us to capture and report data, while not having a cumbersome interface. The system also integrates calibration management into the reporting function, which further reduces our reliance on separate systems to provide a complete reporting package.”

Chase H.
Operations Manager

“It was easily implemented and is easy to use. It is an indispensable tool to help our lab maintain ISO compliance. All your documents are in one location; test results, equipment maintenance and calibration records, corrective and preventive actions, and anything else you need for your auditors. It can be customized to your needs.”

Mark K.
Lab Director

“Best software for the money from what I have seen on the market. The support from the LIMSey team is outstanding.”

Roger N.
Product Manager

“The software is user friendly and we were able to train and get started very quickly. The customer support has been tremendous. We have been using LIMSey for a few years now and they are a great company. They have shown a great interest in getting there software to a place that works for their customers.”

Alana H.
Quality Control Supervisor

"Support team is amazing, so easy to work with! The team worked tirelessly to be able to accommodate some of our specific needs. Due to support team, we have greatly improved our reporting time!"

Felix S.
Lab Engineer

"The LIMSey platform has been a game changer for our company. The LIMSey team have been great partners."

Trent M.
Lab Manager

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