Manage Your Lab Better

Unlimited users. Unlimited upgrades. No additional costs.

Laboratory management software that's intuitive flexible simple

LIMSey is lab software designed be simple, easy to use, and doesn't require weeks or months of configuration. It can help your laboratory manage your process, samples, and testing so that everyone and everything can stay on schedule.

Unlimited Users & Upgrades

No worrying about number of seats or licenses. Give access to anyone who needs it with no additional costs.

No Installation Required

With our web-based LIMS, installation on separate computers is not required. Simply use a modern browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Superior Flexibility

Designed to work with your existing process without complicated or time consuming configuration.

Customized Reporting

100% custom reports that can be generated with a single click. We support formats like PDF, XLS, CSV, and more.

Simple and Modern Interface

We've used the latest technology to create a modern interface, while keeping it simple and easy to use.

Service and Support

Have questions or need help? We provide in-person, phone, email, and screen sharing support to help you.

Upgrade from Spreadsheets

The flexibility of spreadsheets, without the chaos

We understand the power and flexibility of spreadsheets, but we also know the disorder that can often come with them. LIMSey makes it possible to harness the power of spreadsheet flexibility, while still keeping your data organized and searchable. Keep track of your data using tags, your own custom fields, and more..


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What Clients Say

After spending months evaluating the most popular LIMS software on the market, we found LIMSey to be the best software for our business. With its convenient features, easy-to-use web interface, and competitive pricing, this software has proved to be a refreshing alternative to the out-dated LIMS software currently on the market.


Andrew FeghaliLab Manager - Aeroblaze Laboratory