LIMSey - LIMS for Managing Your Entire Lab in One Place

Manage your entire lab from one place

LIMS for engineering and mechanical test labs designed to automate resource scheduling, manage ever-changing priorities, generate test reports, support regulatory accreditation, and more.

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Everything you need to manage your lab

LIMSey's tools help provide clarity and enables labs to get more testing done.

Automated Scheduling

Select multiple resources for each task and LIMSey can automatically schedule the soonest available resource.

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Job Tracking

See all jobs in order of their priority alongside their current tasks, the person responsible, any issues, and the ECD.

Updates coming!

Equipment Management

Track equipment statuses and create recurring or one-off maintenance reminders to help increase equipment uptime.

Calibration Management

Record in-house or outsourced equipment calibrations, create reminders, and maintain traceability to specific tests.

Document Management

Store and link to test procedures, policy documents, industry standards, and log their periodic review.

Custom Reporting

Generate Microsoft Word reports that are automatically filled out with testing data, images, and other text.

Management Dashboards

Connect directly to your data and use Microsoft Power Bi to create custom dashboards for metrics, statuses, etc.

Technician Work List

Clear priorities of assigned tasks and the ability to review upcoming tasks for accuracy before receipt by the lab.

Coming soon!

Corrective Actions

Document issues that arise in the lab, impact, containment measures, root cause, and corrective action effectiveness.

Training Records

Create, assign, and track user trainings on documents, procedures, and policies for regulatory support.

Coming soon!

Internal Audits & Reviews

Central repository for recording evidence to ensure competent, impartial, and consistent operation of the lab.

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Lab Feedback

Receive and manage feedback & complaints from lab customers to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

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Very, very happy with my overall experience. I am the owner of my laboratory which has grown from just me to a handful of employees. I spent months evaluating the most popular LIMS software (8 in total) on the market and found LIMSey to be the best software for our business. It took no special training to understand, is very easily accessible, requires no maintenance on my part since it's web-hosted, and is very easily scale-able when we add new employees and tests. Best of all, my customers can log in as well to view the status of testing, results, and to communicate with us. No other LIMS software that we tested even came close.

Andrew Feghali
Lab Manager - Aviation & Aerospace

When I found LIMSey I had been searching for years for an off-the-shelf LIMS system that was modular enough for physical testing laboratories to use, and didn't require significant customization. LIMSey provides just the right amount of structure to allow us to capture and report data, while not having a cumbersome interface. The system also integrates calibration management into the reporting function, which further reduces our reliance on separate systems to provide a complete reporting package.

Chase Henson
Operations Manager - Environmental Services

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