Reduce time spent making reports.

Create templates using Micrsoft Word and fill them out with just one click.

LIMSey Report

Use familiar tools for creating reports

  • Report templates are made in Microsoft Word.
  • Fill out entire reports with data from LIMSey in a single click.
  • Include images and links to attachments in your reports.
  • Create and edit report templates yourself, or let us help you.
LIMSey Report Template

Never lose report traceability.

  • Previous report versions are automatically saved.
  • Control who can create and modify reports using permissions.
  • Edit reports and upload new versions or formats manually.
LIMSey Report Version Tracking

Remove the manual work from reports

Stop wasting time filling out your reports manually.


Built in Microsoft Word

No need to learn custom reporting software. Create and modify your reports using tools you're already familiar with.


Duplicate existing reports

Already have a report that you're happy with? No problem, send it to us and we can duplicate it for you.



Report output is Microsoft Word, so it's easy to make changes even after the report has been generated.


Version history

As reports are updated or change format (Word > PDF), previous versions are saved so you never lose track of changes.


Include pictures

Static pictures like logos or accreditations can be added to every report, and dynamic pictures like testing or samples can be added from each job.


Pick which data to include

Reports can be customized to include all job data, but can also be configured to only include the subsets of you want.

Ready for configurable reports?

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