Schedule tasks for people and equipment.

Prioritize work, resources and understand availability.

LIMSey Task List

Simplify your lab scheduling

  • Create and assign tasks to people, equipment, or both.
  • Visualize availability for people and equipment by scheduling vacations, maintenance, and more.
  • Control access so users can view the schedule but not edit it.
LIMSey Task

Easily set and adjust priorities

  • Drag and drop Kanban board.
  • Automatically updates estimated completion dates.
  • Visualize current equipment queue and next availability.
LIMSey Equipment Reservations

Keep the schedule and priorities on track

Set priorities without losing flexibility.


Prioritize equipment usage

Keep a running list of what's on equipment, the priorities of what's coming next, and future requests.


Keep track of ECD

Drag and drop tasks and watch the estimated completion dates are updated automatically.


Always know availability

Questions about when a test can start? Use the calendar or Kanban schedule to see next availability.


Adjustable priorities

Important testing come up? Reorder your priorities with drag and drop to arrange the highest priority item before the others.


Reserve equipment

Know how long you need equipment but not sure when yet? Create a reservation to be scheduled later.


Block out unavailable times

Create tasks for people or equipment to block out times for things like vacation, maintenance, calibrations, etc.

Ready to improve your scheduling?

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