Software that adapts to you.

Customizable to fit your lab's existing process.

LIMSey Dashboard

Configure jobs and tests for your specific use case

  • Customize your dashboard to show only jobs relevant to you.
  • Define and label your process using your own job statuses.
  • Create custom test fields to capture the data you need.
LIMSey Results Index

Configure roles for different users, departments, and more.

  • Create multiple roles with varying permissions.
  • Decide which specific records and actions each role has access to.
  • Increase flexibility of roles by using permission tags.
LIMSey Permissions

Configurable to work with your process

Software that adjusts to how you're using to doing things.


Job statuses

Create your own job statuses to track jobs in a way that makes sense to your existing or desired process.


Job and sample fields

Customize your own fields for tracking jobs and samples. These can also be used for searching and grouping information.



Detailed permissions allow you control who can create, view, modify, or delete different kinds of records.


Dashboard elements

Customize your own dashboard to show only the jobs that matter to you or that require your action or attention.


Custom test fields

Create and define how testing should be performed and filled out by technicians using custom test fields



Reports are 100% customizable using Microsoft Word and can be configured to match your existing reports.

Ready to start customizing?

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