A workflow that tracks statuses of jobs, testing, and equipment

Focus more on actual testing and less on answering status questions.

LIMSey Sequence

Always know the status of jobs and tests

  • Search by tags, status, sample information, user-defined fields, and more.
  • Understand statuses at a glance with color coded job and test statuses.
  • Use tags to assign work, priority, and permissions.
LIMSey Jobs List

See the big picture with your dashboard

  • Create action-item lists.
  • Understand testing volume over time.
  • Keep up with equipment issues and calibrations.
LIMSey Dashboard

Say goodbye to disorganized processes

LIMSey keeps track of all your job, testing, and equipment statuses.


Organize your jobs

Use custom tags, statuses, and fields to label and group jobs in a way that fits your existing process.


Understand test statuses

Our color coded sequence makes it easy to see the status of testing at a glance, identify failures, and any problems with results.


Avoid unnecessary retesting

Has this already been tested before? Search past records using part numbers, tags, and other customizable sample or job information.


Standardize your jobs and tests

Use job templates and test templates to save and re-use testing configrations to make it easier to request testing from the lab and avoid mistakes.


Notifications of changes

Watch jobs and receive notifications when the status changes or you're mentioned in a job's discussion.


Equipment calibration updates

Receive a monthly email listing equipment coming due for calibration so you can plan ahead and get them scheduled.

Ready to improve your workflow?

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